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Piano lessons Welcome to Get Piano Lessons.com. My name is Brandon and I created this website for complete newbies who would like to learn the piano and play their favorite songs.

When I first began my piano lessons at age eight all I ever wanted to do was play the cool pop tunes I heard on the radio. So I know what its like to really hate all those boring theory lessons they force upon new piano students in the beginning.. ugh!

Now keep in mind there is a time and a place in one's piano tutelage where the study of music theory makes sense and will be necessary.
After all, the piano consists of seven basic white keys and five black keys for a total of twelve unique tones.
Piano Lessons?

So in order for us to gain a full understanding of why the piano has been arranged in this manner and how we (as musicians) can extract the right melodic phrases and rhythms we'd like to use to express ourselves.. its important to grasp the language of this thing called "Music".

Therefore, in order to accommodate both schools of thought I'm going to show you two completely different ways to begin your piano lessons off right. Are you ready? Here we go...

How To Play The Piano With Numbers
The first approach I will show you is a super simple "Play Piano By Numbers" system that is easy enough for even a 5-year old child to learn. If you have any young children who show an interest in the piano I'd definitely recommend you start them off with this free course. As long as the student (child or adult) can count from one to five this course is a breeze to follow along with.
Can't read music?
No problem.
You won't need to read
a single note of sheet music.
In fact, these beginner piano lessons will show you how to play three complete songs on the piano using only 10 piano keys.
Over the years many people have told me this was the most fun they'd ever had getting started on piano. To try this free & easy piano course yourself, just click here to begin with lesson one.
Otherwise if you're looking for an even better way to learn the piano by playing all your favorite pop songs, video game music, film & tv music on the piano, let me to introduce you to the latest and the greatest teaching app on the market today...
Amazon's Best Choice!
Are you looking for a great beginner piano at an affordable price? If you are serious about learning the piano, you will need a full size 88-note keyboard with the feel of true weighted keys.
The Yamaha YDP144R fits the bill perfectly with its flagship CFX concert grand piano sound, 3-damper sustain pedals, and it even comes with a professional piano bench so you can sit comfortably and develop the leverage needed to play the piano correctly.
Learn Piano With The Songs You Love
Guess what piano students? There's finally an easy way to start playing your favorite tunes on the piano within the next few minutes. This awesome new app from flowkey actually listens as you play a song on the piano and it recognizes if you're playing the notes correctly or not!
All you have to do is sign up for a free flowkey account and download the flowkey app to your computer, smartphone or iOS tablet device. There's no need to install any cables or wire connections. Just play your piano instrument as you normally would and let the flowkey app listen to you play.
With over 1000+ songs and piano tutorials to chose from, the flowkey library offers a variety of different music genres like Pop Hits, Film & TV, Video Game Music, Classical and much more.
Here's a quick sample of flowkey's piano tutorial for:
"Fur Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven.
What's also great about flowkey is that it does not bombard you with too much music theory too quickly. They give you just enough information so you can go ahead and choose your first song right away and begin playing it on your piano. After you sign up you can immediately access all the free training courses inside the members area.
These beginner training modules are designed to quickly give you all the basic knowledge you'll need to read the music notes, play chords & scales, and also how to play piano with both hands together.
So if you're just starting out on the piano, flowkey is the easiest way to begin playing your favorite songs right away. Click here to try the flowkey app for free!

Like Music Videos?

Well Guess what? I produced and directed my own
music video back in 2015! Wanna see it? ..Here it go!

In my life I've always been involved in creative projects such as this website. However, I believe that each one of us has some kind of special talent or gift that can help uplift the spirit of another person.
As for me, I hope you enjoy my personal contribution to you and to all of humanity worldwide... Get-Piano-Lessons.com
Brandon (Brannie Dii)
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