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Here we will continue with our free beginner lessons for piano for the left hand.
First let's place our left hand on the piano keyboard in the C Position (first position) again. Using our "numbered finger system", we'll do three more left-handed beginner lessons for piano.
Exercise One
With your left hand resting comfortably on your piano keyboard and your eyes focused on the chalkboard, use the “numbered finger system” to slowly play each number with the correct finger.
Play the notes evenly, one note after the other. Keep your eyes on the chalkboard and not your fingers.
When you’re ready, press the “Play” button under the chalkboard and listen to how these notes should sound when played.
When you can play this exercise by always using the correct fingers, you can move on to your next set of left hand beginner lessons for piano.
Watch My Video Demonstration
to See How to Play this Exercise...
Exercise Two
Chalkboard two offers us a challenging left-hand pattern for exercising our 1 & 3, and 2 & 4 fingers. Sit in a comfortable posture with your wrists up and fingers curved. Be sure your fingers are in the correct C position. Begin to play this exercise slowly.
Try not to look at your fingers to see if you're playing the right notes. Just focus on the chalkboard and remember your "numbered finger system" to use the correct fingers to play the keys.
After you've practiced this chalkboard on your own a few times, press the "Play" button underneath it to hear how it sounds.
When you can play this exercise with the correct fingering, move on to your next set of left hand beginner lessons for piano.
Exercise Three
Chalkboard three has a sweet and simple sound, but it will have us moving up and down throughout the 5-note C position.
As before, focus your eyes on the numbers of the chalkboard while playing the correct notes on your piano keyboard with the properly assigned fingers.
Practice this note pattern slowly, accurately and evenly. To hear how these notes should sound as you play them, simply press the “Play” button under the chalkboard.
Think This Finger Exercise is Tricky?
Well, This Was Only The WARM-UP for What I Have In Store Next!
Watch How to Play the
“Finger Tongue Twister”
With Your Left Hand!
Congratulations! You’ve just completed the very basics of learning how to play the piano with your right and left hands. You’re off to a great start, but we’ve got a lot more material to cover.
So when you feel comfortable with the exercises on this page and can play them easily without any mistakes, click ahead to your next beginner lessons for piano where we will begin to train both our left and our right hands to play simultaneously!
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