Three Easy Piano Songs
for Complete Beginners

Suppose I told you there's a new way to play easy piano songs without needing to learn the piano? In fact, all you need is just 10 piano keys to play each song. And no, I'm not talking about "Mary Had a Little Lamb" type of songs either. These are elegant pieces of music that are still simple enough for anyone to play right away.
I know that might seem a little strange at first. Especially when you consider that most keyboard lessons for beginners start you off with music notation and sight-reading. This is generally the standard way to teach piano to someone new.
But unfortunately, this age-old method usually doesn't provide the simplicity that most piano students are looking for. And that's probably why so many piano programs fail just as often as diet programs.
how to play the piano
But the question remains.. can you learn piano by simply playing only ten piano keys? Are they're really easy piano songs out there that can give you that much needed boost of confidence to finally get you learning and playing the piano for years to come?
Well I'm glad you're here, because I intend to answer that question by teaching you a much easier way to learn piano.. right here and right now!
I have created these keyboard lessons for beginners who are looking for a more simple and enjoyable way to learn piano.
In addition, I have written three easy piano songs that anyone of any age can understand. But please note: by now, you should have already completed my first 10 beginner lesson series as well as already taken and passed my easy piano exam as well.
So I hope you enjoy this new work. Keep coming back to on a regular basis, and look forward to many more unique and interesting keyboard lessons for beginners in the very near future.. enjoy!
Here are Your First Easy Piano Songs & Preparation Modules:
(I suggest that you follow each link in sequential order)
1) Preparation Exercises
for the Piano Songs
Easy Piano Songs
2) Piano Song 1
(Demo & Tutorial)
Easy Piano Songs

3) Piano Song 2
"A Simple Love"
Easy Piano Songs
4) Bonus Exercise #10
(Sixteenth Note Study)
Easy Piano Songs
5) Piano Song 3
Easy Piano Songs
6) Piano Song 3
(Practice Sessions)
Easy Piano Songs
how to play the piano
- Lennie Morrison
Melbourne, FL - USA
how to play the piano Again, I want to emphasize that no matter what your age, whether you're 5 years old or 85 years old, you'll have no problem playing these easy piano songs. Many people have written me and said how much fun they were having with my easy to learn piano songs.
You see, the secret is (hmm.. maybe I shouldn't give this away) is that we're still keeping both of our hands in the C major position. And through the simple rhythmic coordination of our fingers, while still using only 10 piano keys, we begin to add melody and harmony together.
Once you give them a try you'll see what I mean. As a teacher, I've learned that these are the most effective keyboard lessons for beginners who want an easier way to learn piano.
Because I can tell you from my own early experience.. traditional piano lessons can be a tiresome bore and may cause many beginners to run in the opposite direction!
The thing is.. when you're just sitting down in front of the piano keys for the first time, you don't want to be burdened with a lot of musical jargon and technical stuff.. which quite frankly, isn’t even necessary during your first lesson anyway.
When you first sit down to learn piano it's much easier for you to stick with the basics, take your time, and practice some easy piano songs first.
The bottom line is: the whole experience should be fun ..or else it won't last!
how to play the piano Yes.. there will come a time when you'll need to/want to/have to learn how to read music notation (this is a system that incorporates the letters A to G on two separate staves of music at the same time). But until you’ve actually had a chance to take your first “baby steps” on the piano, there’s no need to complicate your life with a new skill set that might actually confuse you and discourage you to the point of quitting.. (make sense?)
So when you're ready to give these 3 easy piano songs a try, let me show you how you can easily start to learn piano in small "bite-size chunks".. one step at a time.. at a slow and comfortable pace.
Here's what a few others had to say..
piano keys
Piano Song Preparation
Piano Song 1 "A Real Piano Song"
Piano Song 2 - "A Simple Love"
Bonus Exercise #10 (16th Note Study)
Piano Song 3 - "Paciencia"
Piano Song 3 - "Paciencia" (Tutorials)

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