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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website!
When I first started giving piano lessons online, I had no idea my lessons would create such an enormous buzz with my site visitors.
Your feedback has been incredible! I want to thank all of you who have sent me your emails, comments, questions and suggestions.
I’m especially grateful for all the praise I’ve received for working so hard to bring you the most comprehensive, fun and encouraging piano lesson information I know how.
The Gift of Giving Piano Lessons
This has been a labor of love for me based on the one thing I truly know and love very much. I make my website freely available to anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano with loads of instructions, pictures, animations, and plenty of video tutorials.
So what’s the major difference between Get Piano and other websites that are giving piano lessons?
I teach you in the way I wish I was taught when I was a young piano student... slowly, patiently, efficiently, and with a major emphasis on having FUN! That’s the key to making piano lessons work!
And now YOU can help make this website one of the most resourceful, innovative and enjoyable places on the net for free piano lesson information.
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Like most people, I like to start my workday off with a nice hot cup of coffee.
It gives me that little extra "kick" I need to wake me up and get my creative juices flowing.
You can really work up an appetite when you're giving piano lessons online.
So around half past noon, I'm ready for a hot melted cheese and pepperoni slice... yum!
(But hold the garlic please)
You know... on some days a cup of coffee just won't do it!
Especially on those 16-hour days I spend creating those elaborate flash animations for you (click here or here to see what I mean). So your support at this level will really help me to keep my strength up. :)
With these beautiful noise stoppers, I can stay up all night long and work diligently on my free internet piano lessons.
As you can probably guess, it takes alot of work with long hours to put a website like this together. And with these quiet headphones, I can make all the noise I want and no one will ever know!
Besides, when I'm narrating the speech for my online videos it's really important for me to hear the words as I'm saying them. That way if I can hear what I'm saying, I know you'll also be able to hear what I'm saying... know what I'm saying?
In addition to giving piano lessons online, I occasionally get a music gig every now and then. This also contributes to the overall success of
Get Piano
But every working keyboard player needs to have a good keyboard stand. Because it can get a little uncomfortable trying to perform while holding your keyboard instrument up on your knees. Ouch!
Here's another essential piece of equipment for any working musician who sings for his supper.
This keyboard amp also doubles as an effective P.A. system to let my neighbors know about all the great piano lesson information I've been working on lately.
Of course, you can also
any dollar amount you choose!
And here’s my promise to you... during my online piano course, I’m going to teach you how to play every single note of my free internet piano lessons. I’ll take plenty of time to teach you slowly, patiently and with as many detailed instructions and video tutorials as needed. There’s no way you can loose here. Official PayPal Seal
And your donation helps to keep this work rolling along*
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