Want to Learn
to Play Piano?

Do you really?
Then fasten your seatbelt... coz you just might
learn to play piano a whole lot better by the end of this lesson!
Welcome to Get Piano Lesson 10
We did a pretty good job during our last
assignment, but I think we can do allot better this time by working with twice the amount of notes!
Learn to play piano
In fact, let's scroll down and take a look
at our next assignment..... shall we?
Ho hum... things just don’t seem to get any easier, do they?
Incidentally, this is not the final exam I mentioned to you during our last assignment together. No, this is just the warm-up exercise for the final exam. :-0
Only after you’ve mastered this assignment to help you learn to play piano, should you attempt to take your final exam (and believe me, you’ll want to ace this exercise first!)
Final Exam Warm Up
In this blackboard assignment we’ll learn to play piano by performing two completely different 30-note patterns in each hand simultaneously.
The entire exercise contains a total of 60 notes, divided into 16 small sections, and arranged into two double-handed rows! (each row preceded with a bracket “ { “)
Let's continue to learn to play piano by placing both our hands in the "C position" on our piano keyboard.
As always, try to keep your computer or laptop close to your piano keyboard as you practice these exercises.
Be sure that all five fingers in both hands are resting on their properly assigned keys (as in this diagram).
Learn to play piano
Remember, when you learn to play piano, you shouldn’t have to look down at your fingers to practice. That’s why we need both hands in their proper C positions.
When you’re ready to begin, keep your wrists up and your fingers curved, but try to keep your eyes on the blackboard (no peeking at fingers).
If this exercise seems a little intimidating to you, try practicing the notes of either hand separately. As you start to get the hang of it, begin to learn to play piano with both hands working together. Just take your time and practice the note sequences one section at a time.
If you make a mistake in one section, concentrate on working through that particular note sequence until you can play past it, and learn to play the piano sequences completely.
Press the “Play” button beneath the blackboard to watch and listen to how this challenging assignment should be performed. You may even want to learn to play piano by practicing along with the demonstration in order to really get the feel of it.
One word of caution... before you click ahead to your final exam, I would strongly urge you to master this blackboard assignment first. You should be able to play every note in this exercise smoothly and with no mistakes before venturing into the testing area.
This will be your last chance to study and practice your knowledge of the “numbered fingering system” and your sight-reading abilities. Keep in mind, you will be graded on your performance during the test.
But if you’re quite confident in your progress thus far, and your ability to learn to play piano, then click here to enter the... the "Examination Room".
Good Luck!
Need More Time to Practice?
Watch My Video Demonstration!

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