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Yup, you read correctly.. these next set of online piano lessons are free for beginners! The following content is fresh off my previously sold-out Piano DVD, which was entitled "10 Beginner Piano Lessons". But now I'm releasing this material here on my website absolutely free!
So if you have already completed all my beginner lessons leading up to the Piano Exam, then this page is where you will continue on with my beginner course.
I know many of you have been waiting a long time for this material, and I appreciate your patience and continued interest in my simple approach for teaching the piano. Thank you so much!
Okay, next up in my series of online piano lessons for free will be the three videos you find on this page below. These three videos are named:
"Bonus Exercise 7", "Bonus Exercise 8" and "Bonus Exercise 9".
Now if you're wondering what happened to Bonus Exercises 1 thru 7... please keep in mind that we have already covered those tutorials during previous lessons (Get Piano Lessons 7, 8, 9 and 10).
The purpose of these 3 bonus video lessons is to teach you some new musical concepts on the piano and develop your fingering skills a little bit more.
Once you have learned this material I can begin teaching you how to play the new music I have prepared for you!
So without further delay, let's take a look at our next video lesson in our series of online piano lessons for free...
Bonus Exercise #7 (Piano Song Preparation)
Okay so now that we've learned the basics of 4/4 time, I'm going to give you one more piano exercise to get you familiar with this new time signature. In music, 4/4 time or "Common Time" is the basic time structure used in most of today's popular music. Therefore, you may notice that this piano exercise has a more natural "song rhythm".. and its also a lot of fun to play. So let's move onto our next video in our series of online piano lessons for free...
Bonus Exercise #8 (Piano Song Preparation)
Congratulations.. you're making good progress so far! Now its time for a little reward. In this next video lesson all you need to do is just sit back and watch as I demonstrate the concept of "playing in time with the beat" and the different note time values that exist in music.
This is an important lesson to understand, because all the piano songs I have prepared for you will utilize a variety of different note time values. But don't worry, all you need to do is just watch me as I play and explain these music principles to you.
At the end of this video I will ask you to play a basic passage of notes along with me to ensure that you understand these concepts.
After you get past this next tutorial... guess what? You will have all the preparation you need to move onto your first piano song!
So for now, let's dive right into the next video in our series of online piano lessons for free...
Bonus Exercise #9 (Musical Note Time Values)
So how did you make out with this last video? I know that certain concepts in Music Theory can be a bit complicated at times, but I hope you were able to understand my explanation.
So if you feel ready to learn your FIRST PIANO SONG, click here to begin applying all the knowledge you have acquired thus far and start having fun!
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