Piano Keys Got You Confused?

I know.. I'm sure you'd rather be playing something on those piano keys instead of just "picking" at them and trying to figure them out.
... Right?
Believe me, I know exactly what you're going through.. because I've been there myself.
piano keys
I remember what it’s like to get a brand new keyboard for Christmas or for your Birthday. As soon as you unwrap this curiously long gift, you get so excited! You're ready to just dive right in and JAM! Although you're not quite sure how you're gonna do this, you've got this strong burning desire to play something ..anything! ..NOW!
And it doesn’t have to sound fancy either. You could care less about playing Mozart or Beethoven. You just want to (somehow) get those tempting "black and whites" to make some kind of musical.. “sound”. Maybe show off a little in front of your friends and family, and just relax and have fun!
But here's what usually happens: Most piano teachers will make you think that just because you have a brand new piano keyboard, that now you must rack your brains and learn a whole new system of music notation and theory. piano keys
Well hold up there! There's no need to join "piano boot camp" just yet. Its not necessary to have a PHD just to get started on the piano. Sure, its a good idea to eventually educate yourself about the higher learnings of music theory.. (but only when you’re ready for it). Give yourself a chance to crawl before you walk and run. You don't want to fall into the same category as those retired piano students who just got fed up with all the technical stuff being crammed into their head too soon.
So with that in mind... do you remember your original objective?
I mean, the whole reason you bought this piano keyboard for in the first place was to enjoy a new hobby, relax a little.. and have... fun!
piano keys So do you really want to begin learning the piano by staring at a sheet of paper with a bunch of black & white "blurbs" on it, trying to figure out which dot corresponds to which finger at which exact moment in time?
I mean.. that kind'a sounds like the opposite of fun... doesn’t it?
In fact, that might start to be more like work!
(And who needs more of that, right?)
So in order to avoid all the unnecessary frustration that can sometimes accompany beginner piano lessons, let me introduce you to a much simpler way to start playing the piano and gain the best of both worlds (easy and fun)!
Now contrary to what the majority of piano teachers will tell you.. it actually IS possible to begin learning the piano without studying all the extra technical stuff (I.E.– note-reading, scales, modes, classical music, etcetera, etcetera, etc.)
In fact, if you look at this diagram you can see that the piano keyboard is made up of 12 distinctive musical tones. However, we’ll only need to use five of the white notes to get us started!
Why only five notes?
Well for three reasons:
1) Because in any piano course you will always need to start with this basic hand position on the piano first.
2) These five piano keys will fit your five fingers perfectly, and will comfortably accommodate the basic shape of your hand.
3) Basically, if all you really want to do is just play a decent song on the piano, then it’s really not necessary to begin learning the piano like a concert pianist.
piano keys
So if your basic goal is to (ultimately) play beautiful music on the piano for yourself or to entertain others.. then I’ll show you exactly how to start doing that beginning with only these five piano keys!
So what kind of piano songs can
you play using only five notes?
Three Blind Mice?
Mary Had a Little Lamb?
Heck No!
I've got something much better planned for you..
(check out this short video)
Remember, you've got two hands.. right? And each hand has the same five notes.. which gives you a total of 10 piano keys to work with.. and yes, there's a lot you can do with just with ten keys..
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