My Inspirational
Piano Lesson Story

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They say music can be very inspirational. For some, that could mean wanting to become a rock star and tour all over the world.

My Piano Lesson Story

For others, it might simply mean wanting to be at home with your family during the holidays, playing the piano and singing songs.

One of my most inspiring musical moments came totally unexpectedly as I visited a friend who worked in a nursing home a few years ago...
Performing for Seniors
I arrived at the Elder Center where my friend worked about 20 minutes before her shift was about to end. This was about 1:30 in the afternoon and most of the senior residents were seated in the main recreation room, where they normally relax after lunch.

My Piano Lesson Story

Apparently my friend had previously mentioned to her staff members that I knew how to play the piano.

So upon my arrival, the staff asked me to play something for the residents on the piano in the recreation room.
I was a bit surprised and totally unprepared. But I agreed to play a couple of tunes for them, not realizing this would become a special moment in my piano lesson story.
The TV in the recreation room was on, and all the seniors seemed really bored. There was also on old piano in the recreation room, and as I took a seat, the residents hardly seemed to notice my presence.
They were completely fixated on that TV as they sat silently still. At first I felt a bit hesitant to play, fearing I would interrupt their television viewing. But after the staff reassured me, I started to play.
And Wow! ... I couldn’t believe the reaction I got! It was like a light switch had been turned on and everyone came to life.

My Piano Lesson Story

At first, I was a bit worried they wouldn’t like my selection of tunes, since I really had not prepared anything for this surprise performance.
The oldest tunes I could remember at that particular time were only from the 1980’s. So I didn’t know if they would even recognize the music I was playing.
But as I soon discovered, it really didn’t matter what I played. They seemed to truly enjoy everything. They were stomping their feet and waving their hands back and forth with the rhythm.
I even played some original material I was working on for my online piano lesson story and they loved that too!

My Piano Lesson Story

One elderly gentleman was striking his cane against the floor with such force, I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying the music or was getting upset.
But my friend told me he was really having a ball and she had never seen him so worked up before. She snapped these photos of me while I was playing the piano at the elder center.
I played for almost 45 minutes, and all the residents and staff gave me a huge round of applause when I was finished.
Most of the seniors reached out to shake my hand as I got up and walked away from the piano. Many of them spoke languages I was not familiar with, but it was obvious that they were trying to communicate their gratitude and appreciation.
Although this was a totally unexpected event, it turned out to be one of my most fulfilling performances ever. I had not performed in front of an audience in years, but this experience reminded me of how wonderful it can be to share the joy of music with others.
Playing the piano for those elderly folks and watching them “come alive” the way they did was truly a defining moment in my piano lesson story.
Some of them were sick. Some of them were depressed. Some were physically disabled. But at least for a short while, they seemed to forget about all that, and let the sound of the piano soothe whatever discomfort they were feeling.
This special moment filled me with an incredible sense of inspiration, and ultimately put me on track towards creating a new website...
The Dawn of Get Piano
When it came time for me to decide on a concept for my new website, the decision to create a site based on my personal piano lesson story was a “no-brainer”.
Music has always been an important part of my life. Learning the piano has not only been a source of entertainment for me as an adult, but it also helped me achieve the self-discipline, confidence and the physical coordination I needed as a maturing adolescent.

My Piano Lesson Story

I also knew there were probably many other people out there who would love to learn how to start learning the piano and experience some of the same benefits I did.

I had also seen first hand how music, particularly the piano, can also have a “healing” effect on those who are sick, depressed or frail.
But then it occurred to me that unfortunately, many people have been lead to believe the misconception that the piano is much too difficult of an instrument to learn without classical training.
Or it could be that most are intimidated by the mysterious looking 12-note pattern of black and white keys to even attempt a piano lesson.
When I designed Get Piano, I wanted to create a website that could easily show anyone how to understand the piano keyboard, and begin playing great sounding tunes on their very first piano lesson.
My goal was to challenge this ridiculous idea that the piano is the “2nd most difficult musical instrument to learn”, and address many of the same obstacles I had to face during my first piano lesson.
There is absolutely no reason to start your piano lesson story off with a complicated Beethoven masterpiece, when what you really want to learn are pop tunes off the radio (like I did).
My childhood piano teacher always told me that all conventional piano lesson programs were taught this way, and I should just “accept it”.
My Piano Lesson Story In fact, he said that when he was a child, not only was he forced to begin his piano lesson story by playing classical music...
... his piano teacher never even allowed him to touch the piano keys for the first 6 weeks!
... until he was able to identify and name all the notes on both the treble and bass staffs first!
No wonder why people think learning piano is tough.
Anyway, I talk a lot about my first piano teacher. But I really have to give him credit for helping me start my piano lesson story off early while I was a young, eager and impatient child.
(Even though it was
kind of rough)
So anyway, here he is today playing his own piano...
Thanks Dad!
Actually... he wasn’t all that bad.
Thanks for taking the time to read through my piano lesson story, and I hope my website really provides the easy and fun boost you’ve been looking for in a beginner piano lesson course.
So with that said, I hope you’ve got your acoustic piano or digital piano nearby, because here is a collection of free beginner piano lessons that will get you on your way to creating your very own piano lesson story...

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