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This website will be a continuously growing work in progress, designed as a “friendlier” way to learn piano without the immediate need to read or memorize notes on a staff, time signatures, key signatures, or any of the multiple complexities involved with reading sheet music.
Don’t worry, for all you intermediate to moderately advanced piano students, I’ve got you covered too. If you want a music theory education? You’ll get it! I’m not going to skip a thing here.
But first I‘m going to start at the beginning, very plain and simple. No sharps, no flats, no scales or modes. And most importantly, no deciphering black and white blurbs on a staff.
Yes, it is possible to learn how to play piano without boring yourself to death with all the complicated language of music theory.
All that glorious stuff only serves to discourage 90% of all piano students who begin piano lessons but never really learn how to play anything.

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When I was a teenager, the way I began to truly appreciate a love of music studies was to learn a little bit, and play a little bit.
When I realized I needed more knowledge to improve my ability to play a particular piece of music, I’d simply learn a little bit more. But only what I needed to learn at that particular time.
This way, I introduced it to myself one bit of information at a time and it wasn’t so overwhelming.
That is exactly the way I am structuring the material on my website. With every lesson you will learn something new, but I promise we will never focus too heavily on the musical jargon.
So if you approach these piano lessons one at a time in sequential order, you will already be an excellent keyboard player WAY before you’ll ever need to read a note of music.
In fact, I’m not even going to focus on music notation for the treble and bass staffs until we’ve had enough practice “getting our hands dirty” first.
I know what you must be thinking...
“That can’t be possible, can it?”
Relax, I know what I’m doing here. After two decades of learning a little bit, and playing a little bit, I’ve figured out how to strike a balance between the “keyboard work”, and the “theory work”.
In this online piano course, you will be presented with a series of piano lessons in the way I would have much rather received them myself when I was a young aspiring music student.
Remember, this stuff’s supposed to be fun too! I was always one of those kids that loved to eat his desert first, and then work on dinner second. And that’s exactly the way we will learn the piano on
Get Piano We’ll do the easy (and fun) stuff first!
So please fill out the above contact form, and let me know if you think something on the site needs improving, or if there’s something you’d like to see more of, or if you’d just like to say “Hi”.
Talk to you soon!

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