A Piano Tutorial of Sixteenth Notes

Welcome to Bonus Exercise 10. This piano tutorial
will likely be our most challenging exercise of all!
By the way, if you've just stumbled on this page and you're wondering "Where are all the other bonus exercises 1 thru 9?" Well, you may want to go back and review Lessons 7-10 and then take a look at my Piano Song Prep Page. piano tutorial
Please remember, this beginner piano series works best if you practice each lesson one at a time in proper sequential order (1-10). If this is your first real effort trying to learn piano, then it will take some time and practice before your fingers can develop the dexterity and independence they'll need in order to handle this slightly more advanced lesson.
Basically.. what we're dealing with in this piano tutorial is a little "speed demon" known as the
And this bugger is fast!
Therefore I have provided a complete demonstration of how the 16th note weaves its way into the musical time structure of four beats per measure!
Granted, for some beginners this lesson might be an extreme challenge. So all I'm saying is.. we've got some major work to do in this piano exercise. But you should think of it as a sort of "rites of passage".. (so to speak). One more mountain we must climb before moving onto our third and most elaborate piano song in my entire Beginner Piano Series. So let's slay this beast and earn our stripes! .. shall we?
Bonus Exercise #10 (Sixteenth Note Tutorial)
So now... are you ready for the "Ultimate Beginner Piano Song"? Well if you're still experiencing any difficulty playing this tutorial, I would suggest you stay right here on this page and master this keyboard exercise first.
Because my third piano song will test your ability to play quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes all at the same time! In addition, my next song (#3) moves at a particularly fast rate of speed, so you'll want to be prepared before moving onto Piano Song 3!!!
And I would definitely like to hear your comments on this lesson "Bonus Exercise 10". Please feel free to use the FaceBook comment box below to let me know how you made out with this piano tutorial....
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