1,800 Instructional Piano DVDs for only $500!

That's right! Sell my "Beginner Piano Lesson" DVDs for just $5.00 per piece (or more) and make a whopping 1800% return on each DVD you sell! How many times do you come across a profit margin like that in business?
wholesale piano dvd This is the final close out sale on all my remaining DVD inventory. There will never be another printing of this limited edition 2-disc DVD set...
If you're a store owner in the New York City area, or you have a spot at a nearby flea market, this is a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money on your initial investment.
I created and produced all the content on these DVDs myself and I own the copyrights. All of the piano lessons on this DVD are based on my original online piano course.
My DVDs were professionally manufactured at the Oasis CD/DVD disc factory and each DVD comes complete with a scanable barcode, deluxe display cases, and sealed in plastic wrap.
Note: You must have your own vehicle (a van or pick up truck) to come and collect these 60 cases of DVDs from the Richmond Hill, Queens NY area. Each case contains 30 DVDs.
So if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity just write me a message (below) and tell me a little about yourself and what kind of inventory you currently sell.
Be sure to include your phone number in your email.
FOR COMPLETE DETAILS ON THESE DVDs: Please read the full description of my DVD piano course below the red line. And remember: the price for this ENTIRE LOT of DVDs is just $500!
Thanks for checking me out!
Hello entrepreneurs, my name is Brandon (no not the pretty lady in the photo).. and I'd like to let you know about my DVD closeout sale.
At this time, I am liquidating all of my remaining inventory of 1,800 DVDs. Also included in this closeout sale are about 1700 promotional pens.
wholesale piano dvd
So if you own a storefront business or if you work at a local flea market in Queens or in the Metropolitan NYC area, here's your chance to buy an interesting, quality product for just 50 cents per unit and turn around and sell it back to the market for $7.00! (or more)
These DVDs come with glossy "Play the Piano by Numbers" promotional signs as well as professional looking deluxe DVD display cases (shown here):
Wholesale Piano DVDs
Wholesale Piano DVDs
So do people actually LIKE this Piano DVD? bet they do!

Let me share a comment I received on May 20th:

"Hi..I am really glad to tell that there 10 beginner lessons are just Fantastic!!!!!!! I could not learn this much from the physical piano class i was attending for last three months that I have learnt from these online lessons...These lessons have been beautifully designed and extremely simple to understand!!!!!!"

  - Himani Sanwal

Here's another a comment I received on May 22:
" I just wanted to say how brilliant your piano lessons are - I have a boy in my class who cannot access the curriculum but showed an interest in the piano (mostly when hiding under it!), so i decided to teach him how to play...only problem being I didn't know myself! I have been using your lessons and they are great! Thanks!"

  - Vicky Barnes
    United Kingdom

If you have any questions about this wholesale offer,
please Contact me HERE using this form
play the piano
Now if you're new to my work here at or you need a reminder about what has made this DVD piano course so helpful to many beginners, just take a quick look at this 8-minute video:
What makes this 2-Disc DVD different from other piano courses on the market today is that it tackles the "intimidation complex" that most students feel when they face a more traditional piano program. I purposely designed these lessons to be easygoing, fun, simple, slow paced and full of beautiful music.
The beginner student who buys this DVD already understands that this course is just a stepping stone into a much more "friendly" and comprehensive teaching of the piano, not a labor intensive study of music theory.
Despite there not being even a single note of music notation taught on this DVD, students who complete this 5 and 1/2 hour piano course will have the ability to play three surprisingly beautiful piano songs (two of which can be heard in this video).
Here's what just one of my students wrote me after purchasing my DVD course...
piano keys
- Lennie Morrison
Melbourne, FL - USA
play the piano
Now here's a great tip for creating a Curious Buzz around my "Play the Piano by Numbers" display case. As handsome as this presentation is all by itself, if you place the DVD display cases in a prominent location in your business (possibly next to your cash register) these DVDs will appear to seamlessly sell themselves.
But what's even better is if you actually start PLAYING the DVDs in your store during normal business hours! All you need to do is just plop the DVD into a portable DVD player or (like I show here) play the DVD on a computer screen.
wholesale piano dvd
You won't need to turn the volume up too loud. You'll soon see your customers taking notice of the blue and green numbers flashing in and out on the screen, and they will eventually ask you out of curiosity.. "what is this tv program?".
This will give you the perfect opportunity to explain, and turn the volume up a little so they can see & hear the piano demonstration for themselves. Once you tell them that the price for the piano DVD is only $5, or $7, or $10 (whatever you decide).. it will be a "no brainer" why they should give this interesting piano course a try!
So again, the best way to grab the attention of your customers to look at this DVD is to set up a laptop computer next to the display case, or if you have an overhead TV monitor in your business (that's even better). These DVDs sell themselves if you give them a chance to play for an audience.
The point is, if your customers actually get to see the lessons on screen, I guarantee they will stop and take notice... and they will be curious. My unique numbering system is unlike anything most people have ever seen and it makes learning the piano look fun, tempting and easy. And you know what... it really is easy!

Wholesale Piano DVD

- Francisco Xayachack
Portland, OR - USA
Key Benefits to your Customer
If you run your own business I already know you're a great salesperson. But here's some additional "selling points" you can tell your customers about this DVD product:
  • This beginner piano system was designed specifically for impatient, musically frustrated and "coordinationally challenged" individuals who have secretly always wanted to learn the piano.
  • Absolutely no note reading or studying music theory... period! What makes this unique piano system so easy is that it deals with the numbers 1-5 in relation to your fingers. (so as long as you can count to five, you'll do great!)
  • Over 5 and 1/2 hours (2 discs) of easy piano instruction will help your customer develop their own natural finger dexterity, and teach them how to play their first 3 songs on the piano. (just play the DVD and let your customer watch!)
  • Both DVD discs are Jam PACKED with tons of beautiful music! Just plop the DVD into your DVD player and you'll instantly hear great music from start to finish. I've had my own customers tell me they didn't actually start practicing the tutorials right away, because they were too busy listening to all the wonderful music they heard on the disc first!
play the piano
In addition, this wholesale lot comes with an assortment of attractive looking
"" promotional pens. There are approximately 1700 pens included with this offer.
Each case has about 30 pens included within them (enough to give one to each customer who buys a DVD).
wholesale piano dvd
PayPal Preferred - Must have a Confirmed Address
I use PayPal to process all my online financial transactions safely and securely and this is the only way I accept online payments. Yes, I realize there are some store owners who still deal with cash. So in some cases it may be possible to do a face to face cash transaction (but no checks). However chances are if you're reading this online, you already have a PayPal account. If so, I will require you to have a "confirmed address" on file with PayPal in order for us to complete this transaction electronically - Thank You. Official PayPal Seal

As for me, I've been a registered member with PayPal since January 2003 and have also been selling items on eBay for just a long. You can check my reputation here

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